Maintaining your roof throughout 2020

Maintaining your roof throughout 2020

During 2020 it is important to ensure that your roof experiences minimal disturbances in order to withstand the conditions and issues upon us. Until a problem appears you may be totally unaware of any issues occurring. It is important to make sure you monitor and check for these issues this year. In this blog we will intend to raise awareness over some of the problems you may encounter throughout the 4 seasons this year.

How Old is Your Roof?

Statistics show that on average your roof will last anywhere between 20 and 30 years depending on the material before it begins to show signs indicating that it will need refurbishment or repair. When you get towards the 20 year mark its worth contacting a professional to take a look and see if there is any repair that is needed before its too late. With over 20 years of experience within this industry the D Simpson Roof Rite team can be the solution to any worries and fears you may have.

Light in Your Attic

If you can see light coming into your attic or loft, this is a sign of a roof that needs some TLC. Your roof may be suffering from cracks, if daylight is able to make it into your home, chances are other things can too, such as a leaky roof, water damage or vermin. Take a look at the exterior of your home for any signs of damage on your roof. If you see anything concerning, it’s time to ask a pro to examine your roof.

Neighbours Replacing Their Roofs

If your house was built around the same time as your neighbours’ were, keep an eye out for when they’re replacing their roofs. If multiple neighbours are replacing their roofs around the same time, you should consider changing to a new roof for your home. This is especially important if you haven’t lived in your home for very long and are unsure of the age of the roof or the its longevity. As we said earlier, a roof generally lasts between 20 and 30 years.

If you fear you may need your roof replacing throughout this year, don’t hesitate to contact D Simpson Roof Rite. All of our roofs come with a 25-year guarantee at a competitive price. For more information visit or call us on 01388 664409 to speak to one of our team.