Getting Your Roof Ready for the Festive Season

Getting Your Roof Ready for the Festive Season

As winter approaches it becomes more vital that your roof is as secure as it can be. The variety of weather conditions that potentially come with the festive season can damage your roof! From rain to snow, winters conditions can badly affect your roof if you’re not well prepared. In this blog we will talk about the mixture of problems that could change your roofing circumstances.


One potential issue in winter is the threat of snow and the repercussions that causes. When snow melts on a flat roof, it can cause ponding. This accumulation of water could evaporate, but generally, with colder temperatures, the water will freeze again before it exits the roof. When water freezes, it expands. This means that the water that has seeped into the crevices on the roof it is subject to further damage. This process is known as freeze-thaw.

Melting snow can also lead to leaks, which are a gradual problem but if they are not dealt with the damage to your roof could potentially be expensive to repair, it is important to detect leaks as soon as possible. In the worst-case scenario, the roof can collapse which can lead to costly repairs and safety concerns for all those who work in the building or at your home.


Knowing your roof’s weak spots is the key to protecting it from the effects of heavy rainfall. If your home has sloping roofs it is important to note that water collects where parts of the roof connect. Here at Roof Rite we can install waterproofing for roofs of this nature, as a result it is protected from moisture damage.


If your attic isn’t well insulated it can attract severe condensation leading to mould and mildew which will damage the interior of your home. We install roofs with care and precision to last you through all weather conditions. The ‘stack effect’ relates to the pressure difference between inside and outside, in a nutshell without good roofing your home can become vulnerable when the warm and cold air encounter each other.

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