The Top 5 Signs You Need A New Roof

The Top 5 Signs You Need A New Roof

Your roof is not the main centre of attention when it comes to your property, you may find yourself not even thinking about it until a problem occurs. However, it is important to make sure you keep a regular check of your roof, and monitor these 5 signs…

Age of Your Roof

On average your roof will last about 20-25 years before it starts showing major signs of wear. That’s why if your roof is getting to the 20 year mark, it’s worth a professional taking a look to see if there is any repair that needs to be completed. Here at D.Simpson Roof Rite, we can take a look at your roof before it’s too late.

Light in Your Attic

If your attic is getting lighter as time goes on, it could mean you have some cracks or missing tiles. Left over time it could lead to water damage and mould, not to mention if water can get it in means other things can too such as vermin. Which not only cost a lot to remove but will disrupt your whole home.

Sagging Roof

Due to weather conditions and pressure, your roof can move and sag after time. If left longer than necessary, your roof could cause damage to the foundations of your home making it structurally unsafe. We always recommend a roof replacement if you experience any of the signs of movement.

Debris in Gutters

If you feel your roof is getting past it’s best, first check your gutters for signs of broken tiles, dust and mould. If there is any debris in your gutters it shows that your tiles are deteriorating and need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Here at D.Simpson Roof Rite we can complete a full assessment of your roof, looking at the condition of tiles and overall structure, suggesting the right path to go down.

Your Paint is Peeling

A leaky roof is not always easy to spot, before you reach the stage of water pouring through into your home you may experience your paint or wallpaper peeling. This shows moisture in the air and is definitely something to investigate further. It’s best to catch it early!

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