How The Sun Can Affect Your Roof

How The Sun Can Affect Your Roof

Many people often think that their roofs can only be damaged by rain, wind and storm. However, that is not the case the sun can also have a large effect on your roof. Like humans, different roofs are affected by the sun in different ways. In the long run large amounts of sun can affect the lifespan of many roofs.

How It Has An Effect

Yes, roofs are designed to hold out against all weather conditions however, the weather can speed up the process of the roof’s deterioration.

- UV Radiation: Ultraviolet radiation can affect a roof in a serious way. This doesn’t happen too quickly but over a long period of time this can really damage the roof. Some molecules can mix together and when this happens over and over again it can cause parts of your roof to dry out and go brittle. Overtime this will make the appearance of the roof look shabby and the functionality won’t be great. Over long periods of time the sun can affect the chemical bonds and it will slowly start to make the roof colour change or fade.

- Direct Heat: after a large amount of exposure to the sun further wear and tear can occur. When certain materials heat up from the sun and reach a certain temperature, the oils in the material can evaporate causing your roof to dry out crack or peel!

What You Can Do

Regularly inspecting your roof will help identify if there are any problems with the condition of it and allow you to see if there is any occurring damage. This will allow you to stop any other faults from happening and stop any before they get to serious.

Removing any debris on a regular basis, cleaning or replacing certain parts of your roof is important as this can stop any long-term problems from happening. Keeping on top of your roof and keeping it maintained doesn’t need to be something you have to do every week. Maybe once every two months and once a month in the hotter months.

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